Building and Harnessing Your Network of Support


You have your SMART Goals and you already know how to visualize your goals in order to help you achieve it faster.

But do not forget: No man is an island.

You do not have to go at your goal alone, or certainly not without the benefit of the wisdom and support of the people around you.

You need to Build Your Network of Support.

Identify people that could help you in achieving your goals. Start with the people closest to you: your spouse, sibling, parent, or co-worker. Is there something they can do for you to help you move forward? It could be as simple as asking your spouse to give you 1 hour each day to be alone so you can work on your action items undistracted. Maybe it's asking your co-worker for an introduction or a recommendation.

Sharing your goals with the people closest to you is about creating an environment conducive to your success. 

Maybe the people who could help you are not yet known to you. Maybe it's a CEO of a large company, a top professor, or a famous personality. Have the courage to reach out to them, ask for advice or tips, maybe see if they would be open to mentor you. You might be surprised how generous they might be of their time, especially after hearing your genuine admiration for them. 

The idea is to increase the chances of your success by organizing your environment in a way that is most conducive to the attainment of your goal.