Gettin' Jiggy: Hack it Your Way with Music

Getting ready for work in the morning isn't the most fun activity. Most people would put off getting up because it just takes too much effort to get ready.

But if you happen to be a music lover (or actually, even if you're not), you can put this passion to good use. You can use music to make your mornings more bearable.


Instead of a Clock, Use Music to Time Your Activities While Getting Ready:

1. Pick 4 of your favorites songs or dance tunes. Make a playlist of it on your music player or iPod. Make sure it can play loud enough so that you can hear the music through all the next activities.

2. Assuming every song lasts approximately 5 minutes, the 4 songs become your 20-minute cue to get yourself ready for work.

Here's a Example: 

Song 1: Brush your teeth and floss. Tap your feet to the beat while you're at it! 

Song 2: With your hot water ready, take a shower. By all means, sing along to your heart's content!

Song 3: Get dressed and dance around while you're at it. (When no one's looking, it's ok to twerk!)

Song 4: Accessorize, put some cologne, pack your bag, turn off the music - and moonwalk your way out. 

Wasn't that fun? Now you can look forward to this mornings that always start you off on the right note!