Hit the Brakes: It's Time for a Road trip!

The USA is a big country, with 50 States in a land area of over 2.9M square miles. From north to south, or east to west, there is so much variety and disparity in the landscapes, climates and sceneries to take in - all beautiful, different, breath-taking. It's really all a matter of deciding which experience you like best - is it coastal or country, forests or seascapes, frigid or tropical? The options are too many.

You can pick just one, or you can do them all. Which shall it be? 

In Jack Kerouac's mostly autobiographical novel "On the Road", he crisscrosses the U.S. on a road trip where the highlights of his journey were those in New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Denver and San Francisco. It was such a captivating journey that the book eventually was turned into a movie.

These were long journeys that spanned years for Kerouac, but if you don't have that luxury of time, you can just take a pick from of one of the 10 Most Popular Road Trip Routes in the U.S., by the Travel Channel. It includes the Pacific Coast Highway, the Hana Coastline in Hawaii, the Olympic Peninsula in Seattle, and many more. You can also use this site to pick straight north-south or east-west routes for your road trip.

If you'd like to span the entire United States and to see all the 50 major national landmarks in one gigantic road trip, you don't need to sweat over your maps planning an itinerary. The best route has been figured out for us by scientists, and they say it can take as quick as about 9 days to cover 13,699 miles of driving, to as much as 2-3 months to leisurely enjoy each destination. 

Time to hit the road, folks!