How to cut down grocery shopping by 7 minutes

Did you know that the time of day and the day of the week that you do your grocery has an impact on how long it would actually take you to finish your grocery shopping? 

That's right, the average shopper takes 41 minutes in the grocery store when you do your shopping on weekends. 

Studies show that doing your grocery shopping on weekends take 7 minutes longer than weekdays. This is a simple change in shopping behavior that you can easily take so that you save 7 minutes of your time. 

The same study also shows that most people do their grocery from Friday to Sunday, so the number of people inside the grocery during these days could be affecting how long your grocery takes - more people in line, more people looking over the same items along the grocery aisles; maybe even more sales promotions and free taste booth vying for your attention.

If you decide to move your grocery shopping on weekdays, make sure to avoid the hours from 4-5 PM as that is when most people would do their grocery chores on a weekday. And if you really can only do grocery on weekends, avoid the hours around noon to late afternoon. 

Happy (grocery) shopping!