Managing Energy vs. Managing Time: Which one is it?

Managing Energy vs Managing Time

We've always been about doing things faster, more efficiently, and getting more things done. That is why we have been providing you with time hacks week after week. But here's another dimension to productivity that Harvard's The Energy Project has uncovered: Energy.

Time is a finite resource. There is only 24 hours in a day, and putting in more hours at work doesn't necessarily mean being able to produce more. It might actually be working against your productivity and effectivity. When people work too much, they tend to sacrifice other areas of their life: eating well (or on time), exercising, spending quality moments with family and friends, etc. 

Unlike time, energy can be expanded and regularly renewed through specific rituals. It's about recognizing energy-depleting behaviors - and avoiding them - and doing more recharging activities.

The things that people tend to neglect (eating well, exercising, spending quality moments with family and friends, etc.) when they put in more hours at work - are actually the same activities that are very recharging and devoting time to them ultimately redound to one's productivity at work. 

This Harvard article features many more examples of how productivity has improved in actual companies who recognized the need to manage energy vs. manage time.

In the end, managing energy allowed for better quality work and relationships. And that's always the best use of your time!