Save 6 Minutes Ironing Clothes: The Magic of Wrinkle Release

Ironing clothes is a tedious job. Just the thought of needing to do it can be daunting. And when you think about how much time it's going to take to finish a pile of clothes, you'd wish there was a better way to do it. 

On average, it takes 3 minutes to iron a piece of clothing, like a shirt, blouse, polo or pants. Of course, that is if you do it right. Smaller pieces of clothing, like undies and hankerchiefs, of course take less time.

Assuming you have 2 pieces to typically iron for work, that's 6 minutes you can save with this simple hack. 

Here's the hack: A wrinkle releaser does the trick! And it's something you can prepare on your own too.

Spray it on your clothes and in seconds, the wrinkles disappear. You'll have to lay the clothes down or tug it so that the wrinkles stretch flat faster. Best to do this at night before going to bed (or on a weekend) so that clothes have time to dry from the slight misting, but typically this misting should easily and quickly evaporate. Now off to work you go!