Save 3 Minutes Daily: Get a Shower Timer

The average person takes 8 minutes in taking a shower, according to a survey done by Unilever. 

The goal is to shave some time off that to give you more time to do more valuable activities. How about making that just 5 minutes? The 3 minutes saved is 3 minutes earned.

Maybe you fail to eat breakfast in the morning because you never seem to have enough time, always hurrying off to work, so perhaps cutting a few minutes off your shower time will finally give you a few precious minutes to eat a good breakfast. If you didn't know, eating breakfast is very very important and has implications on your energy and productivity throughout the day.

The hack: Get a good shower timer. You could use a digital timer or an hourglass timer. The best timer is nothing fancy but gets the job done. Check out Amazon to get an idea of the shower timers available on the market. 

Shower timer

Set your timer to the amount of time you allotting for the shower. From the previous 8 minutes, you want to get that down to 5 minutes. Set the timer to 5 minutes. If you decide on a digital timer, you will be able to set specific lengths of time. If you get the hourglass timer, those are already typically designed for 5 minutes, so you just need to turn it to start timing. 

Turn it on as soon as you step on the shower/bath. Put it in a place where you can see how much time is left while you're showering, that way you are aware if you need to speed up. Like the hourglass timer in the photo, it has a suction disk that will easily stick in flat surfaces.

The goal is to be out of the shower as soon as or right about when the alarm goes off. 

If you do the math - and assuming you take daily baths - those 3 minutes saved daily adds up to 18 hours and 15 minutes saved in a year. Imagine what else you can do with that much time!

As always, stay #bizzynotbusy!

The Bizzy Team