Shave 15 minutes off your office meetings

How many office meetings do you have to attend to every week? Depending on the size of your company or your teams, you could have an average of 1-2 meetings a week. They're inevitable, unavoidable - but they do seem to take longer than necessary.

The average office meeting lasts about 1 hour. And that's just for one meeting. If you have to sit through than one meeting a week, and you feel that the efficiency of these meetings have much to be desired, then this hack is for you.

Here's the hack: Conduct your meetings while standing up!

Anecdotal evidence shows that conducting meetings while standing up tends to cut down the time spent on the meeting by at least 25%. That means a previous one-hour weekly meeting becomes just 45 minutes, saving you 15 minutes. 

Intuitively, you know the meeting has to last only as long as really necessary because if you're standing up, you are bound to get sore from standing too long. Unknowingly, standing up gives the meeting a sense of urgency and mission, so that any topic for discussion gets settled faster and more purposefully. In the end, it's a win for office productivity and efficiency, and win for your tired feet.