Visualization: Your 5 Senses and Goal Achievement

How are your goals this year? 

Many of you may have done the yearly ritual at the start of each year by writing down your goals - and so we are interested to know: How's it going so far?

We've shared with you tips on how to write SMART goals, but one aspect of goal achievement that's often forgotten is visualization of the goal once achieved. The true test of a goal's clarity (and therefore having a higher likelihood of being achieved) is when you have a clear picture of it in your head.

You know it's a clear picture when the picture involves all your 5 senses: your sense of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.

For example, if your goal is to have ran a full marathon in 6 months, imagine as if that day has come and you have accomplished your goal. Then try to answer these questions: What do you see? What do you hear? Do you smell anything? What does it taste? How does it feel to the touch?

SIGHT: Think of the people around you when you achieve your goal. Who is celebrating with you, giving you a high-five or generous praises for conquering your goal? Think of the colors of the marathon race, the balloons, the confetti, the details in the venue; in your mind look around the environment.

HEAR: What are they saying - are they cheering, clapping, singing? Is there dance music? What music is playing, who is laughing so loud? What kind words are your family, friends and loved ones telling you?

SMELL: What's the smell of the food, the cologne, the surroundings? Do you smell the pavement, the grass, the ground, the leaves, the scent of flowers? 

TASTE: Someone brought baked goodies - your favorites - what do they taste? Is there chocolate, or nuts? The drinks - was it soda, beer, or alcohol? 

TOUCH: How does the finisher medal feel to the touch? You tapped a fellow racer, congratulated another friend - you remember your hand firmly shaking his sweaty palms, you remember the warm hug of a loved one happy for your success.

Try this exercise, and paint as vivid a picture of the day of your success using your 5 senses as guide on what detail to put in your vision.

You'll be surprised: It will leave you feeling happy after the visualization, because it would be as if you have already experienced success in your mind, and you are pleased with yourself. You cannot wait to turn it into reality. Because you have seen it clearly, you already know it's only a matter of time.