Why you should take a break and travel

For many, travel is a luxury, and seemingly a far-off dream that is hard to turn into a reality. The reasons for putting it off are varied, but it could easily boil down to this: financial constraints, familial responsibilities, and professional pressures.

But when you consider that travel does not have to be expensive, or entail much investment in time and distance, then it can be done.

Moreover, when you discover that taking a break by traveling brings so much benefits that makes the investment well worth it, you'll realize that you are going to be missing out when you deny yourself that trip.

So why travel?

1. To meet new people

When you're always stuck at work or whatever personal responsibilities, it is hard to have a social life and meet new people. When you travel, you are bound to meet like-minded individuals who are open to not just making new experiences but also to meeting new people. There is a certain easy camaraderie among people who travel, and it is a great way to make friends.

2. To learn new skills

Some people devote at least a few weeks or months to travel, and not to jump from one place to another, but to linger longer in just one, and to absorb all the details of that new place. Absorbing could mean learning the language of the place, or the dance the place is known for, or the dish the destination is loved for. Learning something new is intrinsic to a new experience, but actually learning a new skill is a great break from what one is used to doing at home or at work.

3. To discover your passion

When you are unsatisfied with your work life, it could be for a number of reasons. But one viable reason - maybe it is not your passion. And you feel unhappy because perhaps you feel stuck and know not where else to go. But travel - it opens you up to discover new things about your self. Because you are outside of your comfort zone, your consciousness is experiencing so many new things, and by the level of your enjoyment of the varied experiences, you just might discover a passion you could get more into. 

4. To improve relationships

When you take your trip with family and friends, it is a great opportunity to create new memories together that will help strengthen your bonds. When you take your partner or spouse, for example, you take both of yourselves out of the distractions and stresses of your regular life, and you learn enjoy each other's company again - and to enjoy new things together again. This allows for rediscovery of what you appreciate about each other. 

5. To relax and rejuvenate

Your environment at home and work could be causing you a lot of stress, and getting out of that environment even for a weekend, or a few weeks, could do wonders for your sanity. The change of pace, the change of environment - is an opportunity to just commune with yourself and your new surroundings. Your stressors are not around, and you have ample time to relax and rejuvenate. You'll realize that when you get 'back to reality', you are energized, more upbeat, and just can't wait until your next vacation.

6. To increase productivity

Ultimately, the new-found energy from a vacation, redounds to benefit your productivity at work and at home.