Planning the Ultimate Summer Road Trip

Road trips are a staple of summertime here in the USA. They are one of the best ways to see the country, but they can be a lot of work! Here at Bizzy Coffee, we’ve compiled these tips and tricks to help you plan the perfect road trip this summer!

  1. Start Planning Early – Anyone who’s been on a road trip will tell you, they need to be well planned. Simple though they may seem, careful planning is essential to a smooth trip. Plan where you’ll stay, the route you’ll take, and places you want to stop well in advance. It may also be helpful to agree upon a driving schedule early, so you and your traveling companions know exactly what you’re getting into! 
  2. Pack Light – There’s only so much space in a car! Even the biggest SUV will start to feel cramped very, very quickly if people don’t pack realistically. If you don’t think you’ll absolutely need it – don’t pack it! Nancy, leave the curling irons at home! Patrick, I bet you’ll only wear one of those baseball caps! 
  3. Be Prepared – In contrast to the last tip, it’s essential that you pack everything you do need, plus a little extra. Make yourself a checklist to make sure you have everything. And throw in a few extra pairs of socks and underwear for good measure. You never know what might happen! Flashlights, physical road maps, and tire irons are all very useful to have in case of an emergency. 
  4. Look into Alternative Lodging – Hotels can be expensive, but road trips and the perfect opportunity to explore “alternative lodging”! Campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, and of course Air B&B can be great ways to lessen the cost of lodging. Each one offers something different and unique that you wouldn’t get out of our regular old Holiday Inn! 
  5. Drive in Shifts – One of the most potentially dangerous things about road tripping is falling asleep at the wheel. The easiest fix for this is to drive in shifts. Switching drivers every four hours or is a good way to make sure the person at the wheel is always alert and refreshed. For an extra perk up, consider packing a few Bizzy Coffee Double Shots! 
  6. Decided on A DJ Schedule – One of the most potentially irritating things about road tripping is if one person gets to pick the music the whole time. This is made exponentially worse if said person has bad musical taste! Keep it fair, and switch DJs every time the driver changes so everyone gets to share a few of their musical guilty pleasures! 
  7. Plan for Stops – No, you’re not going to drive from Niagara to Wichita in one sitting, no matter how hard you try!  You’ll need to stop for bathroom breaks, for food, and perhaps even to enjoy the scenery! Planning stops in advance is a great way to make sure these three things all occur in the same place, eliminating unnecessary stops. 
  8. Consider Alternate Routes – Sometimes the fastest way to get from A to B isn’t always the best! There are a plethora of scenic highways and fun tourist attractions along routes you might not have considered. Taking a little extra time to explore these routes can make your road trip all the more memorable!

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