Surprising Uses for Coffee Grounds

Using fresh ground coffee is a great way to make an amazing cup of coffee, warm or cold brew! Most people just throw the grounds in the trash when they are done brewing, but there are a number of ways to reuse old coffee grounds to reduce your waste! Here are some of the best:

  1. Furniture Repair - Coffee grounds can be used to hide/repair damage to dark, wooden furniture. Simply wet the coffee grounds with a little bit of water, dip a cotton swab into the mixture, and gently rub over scratches/dings in your furniture! 
  2. Exfoliation - Exfoliating your skin with coffee grounds can be a great, green alternative to expensive beauty products! To rid your body of excess dead skin cells, simply mix some grounds in a natural oil (like coconut oil) and use like you would body wash! 
  3. Cleaning Fireplaces - Coffee grounds can make the brutally dusty task of cleaning your fireplace just a little bit easier. By sprinkling some used coffee grounds into the ashes of your fireplace, you can weight down the ashes, reducing the amount that will fly up and form a cloud as you clean. 
  4. Neutralizing Odors - Coffee grounds make an excellent natural deodorizer for potentially smelly spaces, such as your refrigerator. Fill a small container with used grounds, and stick them in a place that is out of sight, and out of mind. This will absorb any unpleasant odors coming from the space for weeks. 
  5. Extra Scrubbing Power - Need a little extra boost doing the dishes? Coffee grounds can give you the assist you need to get the job done. By placing some grounds on a rag, you get a more abrasive surface, perfect for cleaning greasy dishes. 
  6. Fertilizer - Coffee is naturally acidic, making used grounds a great fertilizer for acid loving plants such as holly and hydrangeas. If you need to reduce the acidity, mixing the grounds with grass clippings or dried leaves will help to neutralize the grounds, while maintaining their fertilizing power. 
  7. Pest Repellent - Coffee grounds have long been a home remedy for pest control. Sprinkling coffee grounds around the perimeter of your garden will repel small pests like slugs and ants, while mixing coffee grounds and orange peel can repel larger pests, like neighborhood cats. 
  8. Tenderizing/Seasoning Meat - Adding a pinch of coffee grounds to your marinade will both tenderize and flavorize your meat! The end result will be hints of a smoky flavor and perfectly tender meat! 
  9. Compost - Because of their high nitrogen content, coffee grounds make a great addition to your compost pile. They can even attract worms, which will speed up the composting process!

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