Tips and Tricks for a Blast at the Beach

The beach is one of the staples of summer, and is one of the greatest summertime activities. Unfortunately, sand, surf and stolen property can wreck even the sunniest beach trip. That’s why we’ve collected this tips and tricks to make your day at the beach feel like… well, a day at the beach!

  1. Pillow/Beach Towel Hybrid - Give you beach towel a little extra cushion by folding or sewing a small pillow into the top of your comfiest beach towel will make it 100% comfier. Perfect for sunshiny beach naps! There are tons of tutorials across the web on how to do this, so anyone can do it! 
  2. Pack Baby Powder - Tired of taking the beach with you when you leave? Use a little baby powder on sandy parts of your body to get rid of sand on your body and keep new sand from sticking! 
  3. Freeze Water Bottles - If you’re packing a lunch or snacks, freeze water bottles and put them in your cooler instead of ice packs. Not only will they keep your food nice and cold, but when they melt they’ll be nice and cold for you to drink! It never hurts to have extra water, especially on a hot day! 
  4. Freeze Fresh Aloe Vera - Chop up some fresh aloe vera and freeze in cubes for instant, organic sun relief. This is a big help when you grab the SPF 5 instead of the SPF 50 and end up looking like a lobster. 
  5. Write It Down - To eliminate the need for aloe vera all together, write down when you apply sunscreen so you know when it’s time to apply! Writing it on your sunscreen bottle is a helpful way to remind yourself you did it, and saves you the trouble of having to bring writing supplies to the beach! 
  6. Good Hiding Places - Finding a good place to hide your valuables is absolutely essential, especially at larger, crowded beaches. One of the best places to hide your phone, wallet, keys, etc. is in an old sunscreen bottles. Once it’s been clean out, it becomes the perfect place to store your valuables. What’s more inconspicuous than sunscreen at the beach?

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