Tips and Tricks for Busy People

5 Easy Exercises for your Busy Day!

5 Easy Exercises

Staying in shape is consistently at the top of many people’s New Year’s Resolution lists. But sticking to a workout schedule can be difficult and time consuming for a busy person, so we have compiled a list of quick and easy exercises to help you stay in shape this year. These can be done anywhere; at home or in the office, no equipment or gym space necessary.

  1.     Wall-sits: Wall sits are a great exercise to keep your legs toned and strong. Simply Put your back against the wall, slide down into a squat until your knees form a 90° angle. Hold this pose for 60-90 seconds, or as long as your legs can stand!
  2.     Superman: You’ll feel like you’re flying during this easy exercise! Lay down flat on your stomach and fully extend your arms and legs (like Superman when he flies!). Raise your arms and legs together so your chest rises slightly off the ground. Twist to the left and right to stretch and work out each side of your body.
  3.     Bicycle: Lay down on your back like you are about to do a crunch. Raise your feet into the air, knees at a 90° angle. Move your legs like you’re pedaling a bike and with your hands resting on the back of your head, move your opposite elbow to meet your knee as you draw it in.Tuck Jumps
  4.     Tuck-Jump: Stand up and bend your knees slightly. Jump into the air and tuck your knees into your chest with your arms straight out in front of you. Land in your starting position and repeat!Plank
  5.     Plank: Place your forearms on the floor and join your hands, or stay on your hands if you like a challenge. Lie face down and extend your legs behind you until they are straight. Hold this position for 60 seconds, or as long as your body can take!