The Healthiest Foods You Probably Already Have

Eating healthier can be an overwhelming challenge. When people think of eating super healthy, many think of superfoods, or other crazy obscure things that few people (if any) eat on a regular basis. But there’s a lot of great foods you're probably already have in your fridge! Take a look at this list to find out what some of the best “everyday” foods are!

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Olive oil is a great, healthy fat. It's in thousands of recipes, and has too many health benefits to list! Olive oil will add great flavor to any dish without all the bad stuff artificial flavoring brings. 
  2. Greek Yogurt - Greek yogurt is an amazing, low calorie probiotic. Perfect for breakfast, or even as a cooking substitute for mayo/sour cream, Greek yogurt is great for your gut, and great for your diet! 
  3. Olives - Mediterranean diets have long been considered among the healthiest in the world, which is why our first three food items are from that region! Olives are a great way to add salty flavor to your meals without literally adding salt. Canned olives also have an extremely long shelf life, making them a good investment. 
  4. Oats - Oats are low in cholesterol and high in fiber, meaning they keep you fuller longer! Like olives, they have a great shelf life, which means the can you’ve got sitting at the back of you shelf is is probably still good! 
  5. Broth - Bone broth (turkey, chicken, beef, etc.) is high in protein and low in calories. The base for many dishes, broth is great food cooking, but can also be drunk straight up. You read that correctly. Many stores sell single serving broth “juice boxes”, and as weird as it sounds, it’s actually pretty tasty. 
  6. Eggs - Eggs are another great food to fill you up and keep you full! They’re full of protein and low on calories, making them a great weight-loss food! There’s no shortage of ways to eat eggs either, giving you tons of great recipes to choose from!  
  7. Ground Turkey - Ground turkey is a great substitute for ground beef in almost any recipe that calls for beef. Leaner than beef, it keeps in the freezer for ever, and will be ready for your tacos, meatballs, or pasta whenever you need it! 
  8. Tomato Paste - Remember that can of tomato paste you bought for a recipe years ago and never used? Time to break it out! Tomato paste is a low calorie way to add great flavor to any meal. The best part is it’s crazy cheap, giving you great bang for your buck! 
  9. Bananas - Once considered an exotic fruit, the banana has become a staple of the American produce section. Bananas are a great way to add sweet flavor to yogurts and smoothies without adding sugar. When frozen, they can even make a delicious dessert! If they start getting too brown, pop them in the freezer and save them for later!

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