Start Something That Matters is an inspiring book by Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes. This book is a must-read if you'd like to find out the journey that led to the founding of TOMS Shoes.  

Start Something That Matter

How did Mike stumble into the idea of shoes for a business? What made him think of the concept 'Buy One, Give One' as not just marketing strategy but the heart and soul of the business? How can you learn from his experience so you can apply it in your own entrepreneurial journey? You will not be disappointed if you get hold of this book for all the riches in store.

In truth, "Start Something That Matters" isn't just a book about the founding of a shoe company that gives. It is also a good mantra for personal living.

In so many weeks, we found you great tips in how to be more productive - because, like you, we too would like to increase our level of productivity, by being more efficient, ridding habits that stifle our creativity, and adopting new ones to boost our efficiency.

Previously, we also encouraged you to travel - because it turns out, taking time off from work by enjoying yourself through travel does not take away from work, but actually helps boost it. All work and no play.. you know the drill. 

This time, we highlight this book and especially this mantra to "Start Something That Matters" because ultimately, all that productivity and efficiency must be devoted toward things that matter most. It could be a business that also gives back, that brings about change for the better, that helps give meaning to all the frenetic activity.

It could also be as simple as looking inward, evaluating what truly matters to you and giving time to it - like spending time with family, keeping in touch with old friends, volunteering for a worthy cause, taking more adventures, and yes, perhaps traveling even more! 

You've set your goals and are ready to conquer them. You know you can do it! But you may be forgetting a few things - like giving up old ways of thinking that did not work for you in the past year and that slowed you down toward your goals.

Here are 3 Powerful Things to Give Up this 2017 in order for your journey to success to become smoother.

1. Give Up on the Unhealthy Lifestyle

Before you can take care of anything else, you have to take care of your health. And it's all about a Heathy Diet and Physical Exercise.

2. Give Up the Short-term Mindset

Successful people set long-term goals, and they know that these aims will only be achieved through short-term habits that need to be observed and maintained every day. 

3. Give Up on Multi-Tasking

Choose one thing and beat it into submission. Multi-tasking does not work and the sooner you accept this, the better to achieve your goals sooner.

Your should never give up on your self and your goals. But the 3 bad habit above, it's time to bid them goodbye.

Let's do this! 

Welcome to the new year!

Has the past year been a banner year for you? Do you feel like you could have done so much more? Ever wished that a year had more than 365 days? Whatever the case, we can’t go back to the year that has passed. One year will always mean just 365 days.


The reality: You’re now squarely into the fresh early days of the new year. And, you know what? That’s a good place to be.

Fresh start. It sure has all the makings of a great year. The kicker: It’s all up to you. If you feel that last year could have been better – well, this new year is the perfect opportunity to make it all better. This MAY be your best year yet.

Are you READY to make it happen?

As in all things, it pays to be SMART. No, we don’t necessarily mean intelligence, although that certainly helps. By SMART, we mean --- S.M.A.R.T.

Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals, that is.

Goal-setting isn’t new, you say? That’s right. We all set goals – some always, others sometimes, some consistently, others without predictability.

The power of goal-setting is in the clarity it provides you of what you need or want to accomplish. Keyword: Clarity. Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals is all about getting clarified on what you want to accomplish. Can you see a picture in your head of what you want to accomplish? That’s what clarity means. Until you’ve gauged your goals against our S.M.A.R.T. test, you may be pursuing your goals blindly.

S.M.A.R.T. Goal-setting

Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time bound.

1. S-pecific

When setting goals, create a specific statement of what you want to accomplish or achieve. Avoid making a general one. For example, “I want to be healthy” is a good goal, but it is too general. After all, there are many ways to indicate good health (like weight, muscle mass, heart rate, good night’s sleep, being able to move without any difficulty, etc.) and there are many aspects of one’s life where health can also be ascribed (physical health, emotional, financial and spiritual health, etc.).

To use our example, “I want to be healthy” can be made more specific by saying “I want to be 155 lbs.”

If you say your goal is “I want to be rich”, you can make it more specific by saying “I want to have $1,000,000 in my bank account.”

2. M-easurable

In the goal examples in #1, the goals were made specific AND measurable by adding a value that can be quantified or measured. In the first goal, health was made measurable through one’s weight. It is measurable because stepping on a weighing scale will easily indicate if one has reached one’s target weight. There may be other ways to measure health, but as far as the goal-setter is concerned, weight is a good indicator and used that as basis.

In the second example, being rich was made measurable through a specific amount, i.e., one million dollars. You know that you have reached that goal by simply counting your cash, or looking at your bank statement as to the amount of money you now have.

You could set a goal of being happy, but happiness is too abstract and must be made more concrete by translating in terms that is measurable. Look for an aspect of happiness that can be easily measured. While happiness is often thought to be subjective, there are ways to make it objective. For example, would you have happy having 2 cars? Zero debt? $1,000,000 in savings? 100 friends?

3. A-chievable

The goal you set should be within the realm of possibilities for you. We know, that can be tricky, because often the main reason we don’t set goals is because we don’t think it is possible for us, or that it is unrealistic.

You have to be objective about your assessment of your goals. Is it REALLY impossible or you just THINK it’s impossible for you? You have to check your assessment based on your available resources, what others around you or similar to you have been able to achieve. THINK BIG, but make sure it’s not wishful thinking. But then again, what you claim to be WISHFUL THINKING might actually be attainable, but you are just doubting your capabilities. Check yourself against that. Think it can’t be done because of a lack of resources, no money, no contacts, no talent? Think again: Maybe it’s just a lack of RESOURCEFULNESS.

Don’t short-change yourself in the goals you set. Think big, but don’t lose sight of reality, have a healthy regard of your capabilities to make it happen and be resourceful.

4. R-elevant

This is very important. This is the WHY of goal-setting, and the fire that will fuel your pursuit of your goal. Does it really matter to you? Does it have meaning or purpose for you to achieve this goal? Do you really believe it is important? What is at stake? What are you willing to risk just to make this goal happen?

These questions are important for you to answer in setting a goal. It’s easy to be discouraged by setbacks, especially if your goal is not meaningful, especially if you are not willing to do whatever it takes.

So you want to be healthy… but why? Do you just want to look good for yourself? Or is it so that you will have the energy to spend time with your kids that mean the world to you?

So you want to be rich… but why? Do you just want to show off your wealth to people who really don’t matter to you? Or is it so that you can provide the family you love a good home where you can create happy memories?

If it’s important to you, if it means the world to you and the people you love - you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Anything less of a motivation can undo your efforts with the tiniest setback.

5. T-ime bound

By this we mean – how long are you giving yourself time to accomplish the goal? What is your timeframe? Too short and you might be pressuring yourself too much. Too long and you might be tempting yourself to procrastinate. If there is no clear deadline for you, then you lose the sense of urgency and a sense of focus to accomplish the goal within a given time.

In our very first example, the goal “I want to be healthy” was made more specific by re-stating it as “I want to be 155 lbs.” This could be honed further by saying “I want to be 155 lbs. by June 30, 2016.” With this, the goal statement has become both measurable and time-bound because when you hit the scale you know if you’ve achieved it, and when you look at the calendar you know how much time you have left to get it done.

You could set short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. That is, goals that span a day, a week, month, or years. If you’d like to set long term goals, you help yourself build on that long term goal by breaking it down into chunks of short-term to medium-term goals.

In our favorite example, “I want to be 155 lbs. by June 30, 2016” can be broken down into “I want to be 170 lbs. by April 30, 2016” and “I want to be 165 lbs. by May 30, 2016.” Each breakdown/chunk of your goal then become milestones that you are able to track so you know that you are making progress.

That’s it.

With a tool like S.M.A.R.T. Goal-setting, we hope that each new year becomes a little less daunting to conquer for you. We hope you find this helpful and come back to find more resources to help you make the most of your new year.

Time to Get Bizzy!


>Bizzy co-founders Alex and Andrew awards Meghan Sharkus $5000 The Bizzy Project prize


The Bizzy Coffee office had a special visitor Monday last week.


Meghan Sharkus of ExpressionMed, this year’s first-ever The Bizzy Project winner, came to our Minneapolis office and was welcomed by Bizzy Coffee co-founders Alex and Andrew and the rest of The Bizzy Team. Meghan, of course, also came to pick up something very important - her $5000 check, the top prize for having won in The Bizzy Project contest.


Bizzy co-founder Alex says of Meghan: "Meeting Meghan has been a great experience. We feel at ease and elated giving her the $5000 prize as we know it will go a long way in realizing her vision for ExpressionMed."


Getting to Know Meghan


"We had a fun afternoon getting to know Meghan," chimes Andrew, Bizzy co-founder. "She is smart, talented and hardworking. It showed during the contest, and meeting her confirmed all of it and more. ExpressionMed is in great hands!"


Meghan’s ExpressionMed project that won her The Bizzy Project has always come across as something that was both simple and yet quite powerful in its impact. Meghan is grateful to the Bizzy team for The Bizzy Project and for the $5000 now at her disposal to bring ExpressionMed to greater heights.


Big check and Big dreams


"I plan to use the grant money to cover the majority of the manufacturing costs for my initial order,” says Meghan on her plans. "This is super beneficial to ExpressionMed because we will be able to get product in the hands of our consumers in less than 6 weeks, and get the ball rolling on sales and feedback!"


The Bizzy Team gets goofy with our The Bizzy Project winner


We at Bizzy Coffee really have high hopes for Meghan. We look forward to watching her in her journey. 

MINNEAPOLIS -- Meghan Sharkus may only be 18 years old, but she has already founded ExpressionMed, a company that aims to help children with diabetes have a more positive experience in dealing with the disease. The startup allows children to express themselves through their medical devices.

Recently, the Wisconsin native entered her company in a contest called The Bizzy Project  - nationwide search for big ideas on businesses with a conscience. The Bizzy Project contest is by coffee startup Bizzy Coffee - a Minneapolis-based coffee company, which offer a $5000 grant and mentorship to the winning team.

The contest attracted entries from around the country, which were then narrowed down to 4 semifinalists. Aside from ExpressionMed, the 3 other equally impressive semifinalists were:

  •  “Civilian Santas” by Dan Batcha and Frannie Fradette, aimed to bring Christmas to struggling veteran families.
  •  “Ground Up PDX” by Julie Sullivan and Carolyn Cesario, is a Portland-based social enterprise that helps local women transition out of homelessness through employment in nut butter production and sales.
  •  “Rethread” by Arnav Joshi and Sibi Murugesan - transforms out–of-style, unworn attire into personalized high-end fashion, while also addressing textile waste.

Launched in April, the contest ended last July 5 with ExpressionMed by Meghan Sharkus emerging as the winner, as decided from thousands of voters from all over the country.

According to Bizzy Coffee co-founders Alex French and Andrew Healy, The Bizzy Project is their way of giving back while championing causes that have a big impact to society.

Bizzy Coffee recipes are now available on the recipe site called Yummly. Check out our recipe page on Yummly here.

Bizzy Coffee on Yummly

You'll notice the different social share icons on our recipe pages, and one of the icons there is a Yummly button. Pressing this button allows you to create your Yummly page and where all your favorite recipe will show up once you Yum there from any site that has the Yum button.

Share icon for Yummly

Yummly really presents recipes in a very pleasant layout, with all the useful information displayed like the recipe name, ingredients, and nutrition information. If you enjoy using Pinterest, you'll discover that Yummly does better when it comes to recipe.

Start Yum-ming today!



Soundset Recip

June 01, 2016


What Does Caffeine Do?


"We came, we saw, we conquered."

Thanks to everyone who came to the Bizzy Grand Launch Party held last April 16, 2016 at Cambria Gallery on 7th, Minneapolis. 

Sharing this moment, just like sharing a bottle of Bizzy Coffee with all of you, is truly a joy and memorable.

We've really only just begun. And we count on everyone to continue to be with us on this Bizzy journey.


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