Start Something That Matters: Learning from Blake Mycoskie

Start Something That Matters is an inspiring book by Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes. This book is a must-read if you'd like to find out the journey that led to the founding of TOMS Shoes.  

Start Something That Matter

How did Mike stumble into the idea of shoes for a business? What made him think of the concept 'Buy One, Give One' as not just marketing strategy but the heart and soul of the business? How can you learn from his experience so you can apply it in your own entrepreneurial journey? You will not be disappointed if you get hold of this book for all the riches in store.

In truth, "Start Something That Matters" isn't just a book about the founding of a shoe company that gives. It is also a good mantra for personal living.

In so many weeks, we found you great tips in how to be more productive - because, like you, we too would like to increase our level of productivity, by being more efficient, ridding habits that stifle our creativity, and adopting new ones to boost our efficiency.

Previously, we also encouraged you to travel - because it turns out, taking time off from work by enjoying yourself through travel does not take away from work, but actually helps boost it. All work and no play.. you know the drill. 

This time, we highlight this book and especially this mantra to "Start Something That Matters" because ultimately, all that productivity and efficiency must be devoted toward things that matter most. It could be a business that also gives back, that brings about change for the better, that helps give meaning to all the frenetic activity.

It could also be as simple as looking inward, evaluating what truly matters to you and giving time to it - like spending time with family, keeping in touch with old friends, volunteering for a worthy cause, taking more adventures, and yes, perhaps traveling even more! 

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