Lisa Tarver

Lisa Tarver, founder of One World Play Project, on Doing Work that's Food for the Soul


“Play is in our DNA — a need as important as food, medicine and shelter. It’s an intrinsic part of our lives, regardless of geography or culture, and through play we become stronger individuals, build better communities and create a more positive future.”

That is the philosophy behind One World Play Project, a B Corporation that aims to bring the transformative power of play to the hundreds of millions of youth around the world. It started as One World Futbol Project in 2010, after discovering that many children the world over don’t even have something as simple as a ball.

Lisa Tarver is the founder and Chief Impact Creator of One World Play Project. She brings 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector to One World Play Project. She has worked in community organizing, grassroots fundraising, organizational development and finance. Her international experience includes five years living and working in El Salvador. Lisa has served on the board of directors of two Bay Area independent schools and been actively involved in the local East Bay soccer community fulfilling many roles, including that of “soccer mom.”

Lisa leads the global giving team of One World Play Project in identifying and partnering with organizations working with youth in disadvantaged communities worldwide.

For Lisa, “Play is so fundamental to our being, and to our being able to thrive. It’s so healing, it’s transformative for children who have gone through war, endured extreme poverty, or other kinds ofd trauma. When children have the opportunity to play, they begin to heal - physically, emotionally, psychologically. It’s food for the soul.”

Outside of work - or making a difference in children’s lives - Lisa enjoys gardening, singing and playing soccer with the company team. To her, play is adventure, joy and creativity.


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