Quick Ways to Make an Extra Buck

There are few among us who would say no to a little extra income in our lives. But busy people lead busy lives, and sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to get an extra job to make that extra money. Here are some of the best ways to earn extra money in your busy life!

  1.     Sell Extra Stuff – Remember that old bread maker your grandmother gave you for Christmas back in ’09? Make a little money off it! Selling your old junk online or at a yard sale is a fantastic way to declutter your life and make yourself a little extra green in the process! 
  2.     Take Online Surveys – Lots of companies want all kinds of weird data on average people, and they are willing to pay for it! There is a plethora of websites that gather this data, and will pay a few dollars per survey, which is good money for such a low time commitment.
  3.     Micro Tasks – Micro tasks are small jobs that people need done and will pay to get done. Sites like Craigslist and Fiverr are full of odd jobs that people are willing to pay other people to take care of. These don’t usually pay super well, but they’re almost always quick and will add up over time!
  4.     Rent Your Stuff – Look for local places to rent anything you don’t use that often! You can rent just about anything, from electronics, to books, to your car! There are dozens of sites out there looking to rent to people in your area, so check them out!
  5.     Become a Driver – There are few among us these days who haven’t used a rideshare app such as Über or Lyft. Driving for one of these companies can make you good money, and it's done completely on your own time. It’s a perfect fit for the busy people of the world.
  6.     Recycle – Believe it or not, you can make money off of recycling. Not only will you be making money, but you’ll be saving the planet while doing it. It’s a win/win! Check for local outlets that buy recyclables and start getting paid to do your duty to the planet!  

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