The Coolest Jobs You've Ever Seen!

        There are very few among us who don’t have to work for a living, but not everyone is cooped up in a cubical all day! There are some crazy and cool jobs out there, and we’re here to show you just a few of our favorites! And yes, all of these are real, and just as cool as they sound!

  1. Water Slide Tester – This is the perfect job for anyone who loves travel and adventures! Water slide testers test, rate and review new attractions at water parks and theme parks all over the world. Usually they are required to write or talk about said water park publicly, but sometimes all they need to do is submit their review to the water park itself. Not a bad way to get paid, by any standard! 
  2. LEGOLAND Designer – Remember those statues and giant sculptures made of LEGOs from when you were a kid? Well somebody built and designed them, a great way to connect with your inner child and keep you young. These jobs are not easy to come by, however, and usually require degrees in design, engineering and architecture. Even so, it’s still a dream job for many! 
  3. Netflix Tagger – Ever wonder how all your favorite movies and TV shows get sorted into those oddly specific Netflix categories? Someone sits at home, watches the movies, and tags them in categories they think are appropriate! These people make a couple hundred dollars per week, just watching and tagging movies. It gives new meaning to the phrase, “Netflix and Chill”! 
  4. Film Critic – On the subject of movies, lots of people get paid to go out and go to the movies. Film critics are usually published through major newspapers or magazines (and these jobs certainly pay the best…!), but in this internet age, it’s easier and easier to go freelance with blogs and social media. So next time you see a movie, consider writing down what you thought of it and see where it takes you! 
  5. Island Caretaker – Want to get away from it all? Like, forever? Consider becoming the caretaker of a private island! These workers can make up to six figures (seriously!) for doing basic house/yard maintenance work. Not a bad deal, with the added bonus of being in a beautiful place full time!

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