Time Saving Hacks for your Morning Routine

Mornings can be a drag but shouldn’t leave you lagging behind or struggling for time! Rushing out the door can be stressful, and stressful mornings can have a very negative impact on the rest of your day. Save some time and stress in your morning routine with these simple tricks!

  1. Wake Up Earlier – We know this sounds painful, but waking up just 10-15 minutes earlier can give you a lot more wiggle room in your morning routine. These extra few minutes give you extra time to wake up completely before you’re out the door and will ultimately help your alertness throughout the day.
  2. Time Your Shower – Many of us have a tendency to go into a totally relaxed trance in the shower that keeps us in there way longer than we should be. Try and limit your shower time to 10 minutes or less to shave some of those extra minutes out of your morning routine. As an added bonus, you’ll be saving tons of money on you water bill! 
  3. Set Your Clothes Out in Advance – End the hassle of deciding what you’ll wear to rest by planning your outfit the night before. Pick what you want before you go to bed and set it all out, so you can get dressed right away without wasting all that time digging through your closet. 
  4. Start Your Car Sooner – This is especially useful on cold winter mornings when there’s ice and frost all over your windshield. Don’t waste time waiting for your car to warm up or for ice and frost to melt away. Start your car while you’re still getting ready and have it nice and warm when you’re ready to go! If you’re anything like me, the thought of burning more gas at nearly $3 per gallon will get out to the car even quicker than if it wasn’t running!

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