How To Make Cold Brew Coffee


Cold Brew coffee is a great way to make iced coffee without the harsh acidity or bitterness. All you need is coarse ground coffee, filtered water, and time. The long extraction of coarse ground coffee creates a smooth and slightly sweet coffee. This recipe makes a cold brew coffee concentrate, so it’ll last days in the fridge and all you’ll have to do in the morning is add some water or milk. Most people use a French press for this recipe, but other vessels will work as well if you don’t have one. This recipe will make approximately 14 oz. of cold brew coffee concentrate.  



  • 1 minute


  • 14-20 hours


Step 1: Add 1.5 cups of Bizzy Organic Coarse Ground Coffee

Step 2: Add 3 cups of filtered water to the French press and stir. Make sure all of the grounds are wet to get the best extraction.
Step 3: Brew. Let the coffee steep for 14-20 hours at room temperature. We found 18 hours to be our magic number, but it may vary depending on preference. If you choose to brew your cold brew coffee in the refrigerator, add a few hours to the brew.
Step 4: Press down the plunger and serve delicious cold brew coffee. This recipe makes a concentrate, so when you’re ready to drink your cold brew coffee, we recommend the ratio of one part Bizzy to two parts water. If you like your coffee extra strong, add less water or add more grounds to the brew. If you like it a little weaker add more water.
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