Our Coffee

Highest quality and most convenient cold brew coffee

Bizzy was conceived with this end in mind: To craft the healthiest and most convenient products for our customers.  

When making every bottle of Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee, we take special care in every step of the process, from sourcing the highest quality ingredients, to roasting and brewing each batch with meticulous detail. 

Our Beans

Cold brew coffee beans

For our Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee blend, we wanted to create a balanced flavor profile from start to finish. We tried different origins of beans and found that the Central and South American regions provided the nutty, chocolate, and balanced tones we wanted. We also found that blending light, medium, and dark roasted beans culminates in a perfect balance of flavors with a smooth finish.

Our Brewing

coarse ground coffee

Each bottle of Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee is cold brewed to yield the right amount of caffeine with a delicious smooth flavor. We got hooked with cold brewing for the higher caffeine and low acid content. This makes cold brew coffee easy on the stomach and a perfect source of energy for training. To pack as much energy into each shot as we could, we brew our cold brew extra STRONG using more coffee per batch than traditional cold brew would. The result: 130-150 mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serving - the perfect energy boost! 

Bizzy cold brew

We make Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee ourselves in Minneapolis, Minnesota - our home town. This means we get to keep a close eye on every stage of production - so you don't have to!

Our Promise

We want every bottle of Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee to be our best, and we promise to deliver the highest quality products and customer service possible on the planet. If you have questions or feedback, please email us at help@bizzycoffee.com.